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Inside Voice

by Big Little Lions

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I’m familiar with the story I know how it ends But I pick up the cards, call a bluff And deal a round again Maybe this time is the hand I get what I need Or I’ll fold again but either way You will remember me Ch And I shout out to the world Here we go again Here we go again Here we go again I got time and I’m tenacious gonna get it right I’m not letting go no matter how hard I find the fight Taking one foot then the other Leave the rest behind I’m not giving up not giving in Though I look like I might Ch Bridge: Little by little, bit by bit It’s how you eat an elephant I might need to rest but I won’t quit Building my pyramid Can’t remember how this started already turned the page They can’t keep me down, cannot hold me back From the momentum I’ve gained Oh the momentum I’ve gained Ch
Hurry now I need escape They don’t know what it’s all about If I come down I won’t see the way Need to medicate the doubt PRE-CH: Some way, somehow Something’s gonna come around Someday Maybe I will get mine too Do do, do do, do do CH: I’ll be on top of the world looking down Screaming I can have it all I can have it all I’ll be on top of the world They told me I’m allowed I can have it all I can have it all Chemical promises Gotta spoon feed confidence Sleep it off until I get What everybody has PRE-CH CH CH
Stay In 04:09
Making up excuses again It’s not that I don’t wanna be a friend It’s the little voices that say You don’t need to leave the house today So I try / I argue I try / to follow through They pin me to the floor I know it’s not right That I stay home every night Looking at the door Ch Stay stay in I’m happy alone Here on my own stay stay in Another night home Forgive me but I’d just rather stay in When I get a telephone call I wait til it stops while I stare at the wall Far too many people out there Awkward at a party is my nightmare I try / be normal I try / stay calm I try to play along But can I just go home Ch BRIDGE: Ooooh I know I’m supposed to talk But it don’t come easy Ooooh I’ll just fall apart And say the wrong thing Making up excuses again I know that I’ll see you but I don’t know when Please don’t worry I am still alive I just need the silence
Oh dear boy, where are you now All of your time, all your days When did your mind slip away Where do you go when the lights are out Did all your past disintegrate Has all of that life faded away now Life carries on with you or without Your stories become just strangers in a crowd Oh dear boy, you played by the rules Worked all your life, bothered no one Found a good wife, made a good home Oblivion would medicate you From all the words you didn’t want Turned a blind eye and just carried on and… On, is this how it goes Building it stone by stone Hoping it won’t come crashing Down, and swallow you whole All of the joy, all of the tears All just a story falling on deaf ears Where did you go dear boy We all wanna know Where are you now Where are you now
Get There 04:04
I wanted to be home before I’d even left But I knew I had to go and get my feet wet as so I packed my bags Make it on my own getting lost in the city Getting caught up in my own self pity oh was it so bad, it felt pretty bad Ch Oh Tell me when we get there Couple years in and nothings really sticking I can’t relax and I can’t stop picking all of these dirty scabs Got a love who loves ma and that should be home I could be happy but I know that I won’t cause I wanna pack my bags, please help me pack my bags Ch Bridge One foot in the future, the other in the past tolerating the present hoping in goes fast my body and want need to be together at last Made a decision cause life is too short We all need security we all need support Ch Are we there yet Tell me when we get there
A couple of old armchairs is all we really need Maybe a blanket or two to wrap around our knees to keep us warm and dry Just you and I Against the world Against the Tide A couple of coffee cups left on the sink to dry Or closing the door to find a roaring fire A place that we call home We call our own Keeps in the love Keeps out the cold in our Chorus Home, home, home We are home A place to dance where no one sees us fall where we can let go of all our deepest flaws Our faults our scars laid bare Where no one’s scared Where we can climb a few more stairs to our Ch Wouldn’t be a home with you Wouldn’t be a home with you Wouldn’t be a home with me too A couple of old armchairs that need a little love a couple of people that we take care of the stuff that we call Ch
Lonely Blue 04:00
Lonely blue Did you think this would be you Do you know what day it was When you finally lost your touch Slipped away Time has made a great escape You used to know what laughter was Now just another memory lost Lonely blue CH: A shame it is No one to save you You’ve loved and lived Has it all just gone oh Lonely blue Painful are the words “used to” Every face a stranger now Ever since the lights went out On Lonely blue CH BRIDGE: P: Nobody said H: Nobody told you P: When life began H: Nobody told you P: You give and give H: But now it Both: All fades into black CH Lonely blue Oh life it can be so cruel It’s left you here all alone A stranger inside your home Oh lonely blue The sun is setting on you You lived and you loved But was it enough One thing I know I’ll always remember you Oh lonely blue Oh lonely blue Oh lonely blue
Line us up, check we fit Don’t stand out a little bit Be careful or they might Point a finger in your pretty face That’s all garbage we know better Don’t you hide don’t let it fester Be bold you might help another on the edge out there feel safe Ch We’re not all the same We’re not all cookie cutter One day they’ll say that we’re all human We don’t come out like Russian dolls so if you don’t fit their mould embrace it, become it Be every wonderful thing that you are Some may find you’re too much They’re not your people let them judge You own it, you’ve nailed it Let those colours shine, make your mark Ch Br Oooh Ch We’re not all the same We’re not all cookie cutter We’re not all the same one of these things is not like the other One day they’ll say that we’re all human We’re not all cookie cutter Some of these things are not like the others
The Outside 03:44
All the photographs Stirring up lots of dust If I hold on to them I’m never gonna leave these thoughts Again CH: Waiting for a ship that never came in Sized me up but I never quite fit Dreaming of life with a different spin Always on the outside looking in I take a breath Hoping I come back up Trying to forget I never will play a part In this CH BRIDGE: On the ledge and I want to fly And I want to fly And I want to fly Heaven knows I’m so sick and tired Of being cast aside Being cast aside CH
Minimize 03:32
Let me tell you a tale that’s too good to be true you don’t want to hear what I already told you keep it light so you laugh put those rose glasses on Make you feel better so I still belong Ch Told you all of my stories but you criticize, you criticize Showed you all of my my pain But you minimize, you minimize Don’t minimize me While I try to resist You keep pushing me down You’re more at ease with the face of a clown When you don’t believe what choice do I have Oh please stop saying it wasn’t that bad Ch Bridge I don’t need nobody like you no, no Pushing me down If you got nothing good to say no, no Won’t you get out Got to get away, got to get away But I just don’t know how No I just don’t know how Ch So I’ll tell you a tale And now it’s up to you you don’t want to hear what I already told you
I’m not changing sides I’m just changing the rules Got no time for secrets got no time for fools I’m leaving today I’m not trying to be cruel Don’t think for a second that I know the game Don’t which direction I can’t find the way But when I arrive I won’t be the same, no Ch I’ll find it while I’m falling When all around me is a blur I’ll find it while I’m falling when my fingers slip the earth I’ll find it while I’m falling at the time I let go I’ll find it while I’m falling I’ll find out what I really know So don’t try to follow I’ll only get lost And there are some rivers I can’t let you cross gotta do this alone the hearts wants what it wants I’d take you with me if I thought I could Maybe I’d try if I thought you understood do you believe it’s for your own good Ch Bridge a little more than I know now I’ll find that I’ll know which road to take or turn around I’ll find that I’ll know which way is in and which way out The next time you see me you won’t know my face although I am leaving just know my heart aches I’m sorry but I can’t meet you halfway Ch
So was the air too thin when you tried that higher ground and fell to yours knees did the brightness hurt your skin did the sweetness turn too sour along with your dreams told me you were clean and we followed along until your rise and fall until your rise and fall until your rise and fall you built your house of cards stacked the aces up on the top it came falling down then you cry that it was too hard and you want the world to stop as we watch you drown you lost your crown did we follow along until your rise and fall until your rise and fall until your rise and fall br you always thought you were the one overshot and flew into the sun now you got humble pie turn your head like a child until we force it down you’ll never ask us why never walk the extra mile, you’d rather drown you were right all along until your rise and fall until your rise and fall until your rise and fall
Ripples 04:02
Time has a way Of sneaking up while toil through our days And never noticing all The ripples that we’ve made Guilty we are Of underestimating our part And while the sun comes and goes Our ripples keep on working away CH: You may never know what your life meant If only you could see all your branches And to know your ripple grew to waves won’t know the effect until we’re in the ground out of breath but generations they will know the ripples in their bones there’ll come a day when a child sees the progress you made they may not recognize your name but your ripple keeps the ties strong and safe CH: You may never know what your life meant If only you could see all your branches Further down the line you’re a story written from a time where they taught me To know your ripple grew to waves
Spinning round Every day I wake up Oh and every day the same worry Missing out I wonder if I am the only one without a remedy PRE-CH Falling apart But maybe not the only one We play what we aren’t And we’re all a mess CHORUS Don’t fight it There’s no way out We’re all a little crazy Some hide it But there ain’t no doubt We’re all a little crazy Terrified That everyone will find out All our secrets at the curtain call In denial Looking for the answers But we never look beyond our walls PRE-CH Right where we are Isn’t ever meant to last Acting the part But just a mess CHORUS


released October 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Big Little Lions Royston, British Columbia

Big Little Lions is the ferocious songwriting duo of Helen Austin and Paul Otten.

“The duo's sound mixes the new school folk of Mumford and Sons with a dance rhythm that keeps the music sounding light and upbeat. It also doesn't hurt that their songs are very catchy and aided by how well Austin and Otten's voices complement each other.” - Examiner.com ... more

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